Our first meeting is at no cost to you. Among other things we learn what’s important to you, discover your core values, and discuss your current financial situation and where you would like it to be.

We then investigate possible strategies and solutions and discuss these with you. It is vital that we understand your objectives. Our role is to guide and assist you with your financial situation.

We then prepare a ‘letter of engagement’ that explains what work we will undertake for you and the solutions and outcomes we hope to achieve. This letter will also detail the cost to you in preparing our advice. We are a fee for advice firm.

We prepare detailed statements of advice, structure investment portfolios and provide expert guidance on investment strategies so as to achieve your objectives.

We are always honest and clear when we give you our statement of advice – without using jargon or industry terms that you can’t be expected to understand. That’s why Honesty is one of our core values.

An important question our clients ask us is: ‘How much income will we be able to have in retirement?’ Or if they have sufficient savings, ‘When can we retire?’ We provide this answer – but more importantly, we provide the steps you should take so you can reach your goals.

Communication and trust are vital

If you choose to then become an ongoing client, we will regularly review your financial position and meet with you so as to discuss your portfolio and provide performance updates. We will also make sure that any changes in laws and rules that affect your investments are considered in terms of how they will impact you. We will try to utilise these changes to your advantage.

Your own situation will change – you will have a new career, new qualification, new family circumstances, new goals. Life is always changing. We also need to change our advice to match your new circumstances.

We believe that regular communication with you is vital, to keep you updated and inspire mutual trust. That’s why Communication and Trust are two of our core values.

What our clients say

John Ollivier

I had an existing superannuation account that had been in place for many years with a major investment fund. I was very disappointed with the service, the level of information and the return I was receiving from this group. I was contacted by Core Value Financial Advice about taking over this account, so I accepted their offer. I have not looked back since. On reviewing the strategy that had been put in place by the previous group, Core Value Financial Advice implemented an extensive revamp; since that time returns have greatly improved, the level of information and updates supplied is greatly appreciated and the service could not be faulted.

Kath & Jim O’Keefe

Following the sale of our business and upon our retirement, Shane Lawler made a very complicated financial situation into an easier understanding for both my wife and I. This gave us both peace of mind that we could enjoy our retirement without worrying that our income would run out.

Peter H

I have found Shane to be most professional in my dealings with Core Value Financial Advice. I am regularly kept up-to-date with global market information on what is happening to my investment. This puts my mind at ease when major issues are occurring around the world.

Mary Roderick

Shane Lawler has been my financial adviser now for 7 years. I find him very easy to talk to and he never hesitates to help when needed. I trust him with my super and investments and he never glorifies the picture. In fact, he is more inclined to be on the conservative side which is good, because then you’re not expecting too much. I don’t ever hesitate in recommending him to my clients for advice. Thank you Shane for all your hard work.

Achieve your goals

Our first step is to learn what’s important to you. We then focus on maximising your financial position, so you can achieve your goals and live the life you want to live.

Protect and grow your investments

Markets rise and fall – our aim is to protect and grow your investments, whatever the conditions.

Safe, conservative and smart

We are safe, conservative and smart with your investments, but we are strategic in the decisions we make to maximise your returns.

Communication and security

We work and communicate with you each step of the way – we like our clients to be completely secure in their investment decisions, and to understand how and where their savings are invested.

Secure your future

Our first meeting is an informal chat to see if we can help you and if you would like to work with us to secure your future, your family’s future and reach your goals.