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Peter Abbey
Peter Abbey
We found Core Value Financial Advice through a Google search, and after checking their reviews and a preliminary meeting with Shane we were happy to engage them to provide advice on Dad’s situation as he moved into residential aged care. We couldn’t have been happier with the advice we received and the various options that Shane provided, His attention to detail, the in depth assessment of Dad’s affairs, and the final statement of advice he provided were of the highest standard, but also in a very simple and easy to understand format. He also provides ongoing support as we implement his recommended best option for Dad. I highly recommend Shane and Core Value Financial Advice for anyone requiring assistance or advice on a family member moving into aged care.
kim swinson
kim swinson
Shane provided clear and practical advice at no cost. His timely advice gave my mum, sister and I the information we needed and confidence to take the next step in our decision making process. I recommend that anyone needing to understand their financial options when considering an aged care placement for their loved one to give Shane a go.
Mark Farrugia
Mark Farrugia
My sister and I chose Core Value to help us with our parents finances and we are so happy that we did. Shane and his team took the worry out of the situation from the very first meeting. If you are looking for financial assistance, look at the reviews for Core Value and you will see overwhelming positive reviews. This is for good reason. You can't go wrong choosing them. Great from the beginning to the end result. Thank you Shane and team. Mark
Elise Doherty
Elise Doherty
Having to negotiate aged care options including the financial elements of the process was overwhelming and daunting. Shane provided all the financial information we needed and explained everything in easy to understand ways. I am certainly no accountant! Being shown the different options available to us to finance Mum's aged care placement and their projected performance over time was very helpful and enabled us to make a truly informed decision. I can't say thank you enough!
Sharon M
Sharon M
Shane was very professional and knowledgeable with all the questions we had. We were very happy with his services and feel more at ease that he will continue to provide expert support in future should we need it.
Adam Sehic
Adam Sehic
Practical, succinct and enlightening planning from Shane. A patient listener.
Rob Cornish
Rob Cornish
Our mother needed fulltime care and working through the process was overwhelming. Shane assisted us at very short notice, with the the many questions we had in relation to finances and aiding in understanding the process associated with needing to pay the accommodation's service RAD and daily fees. Well worth the discussion with Core Value. Thank you Shane.
Margaret Stone
Margaret Stone
After months of talking with Aged Care facilities and Govt departments I was desperate for help in getting our 95yo Mum listed on the facility of her choice with the limited finances available to her. Shane and Core Value were so well reviewed on google that I emailed immediately and received a call from Shane. He was helpful, confident he could help and understood our situation. After meeting with him we continued to be impressed with his quiet, friendly manner and the experience he clearly had in this area. The final advice he gave was comprehensive, outlining multiple scenarios, and we are now sure we can help Mum into the place of her choice when the time is right. Shane and his team were so helpful and we are grateful that we found him to help us through the mire of Aged Care issues. We would not hesitate in recommending Shane and his team to to anyone needing financial advice in regards to Aged Care faclilties.
Greg Stone
Greg Stone
Shane provided clear, helpful and professional advice based on many years of experience working within the complex Aged Care environment. We thoroughly recommend his services.
Vivien Williamson
Vivien Williamson
Shane and the team were able to demystify the world of entry to the aged care system. The advice provided was clear and concise and provided in a very timely manner and Shane was very responsive to feedback. It was a far less painful experience than anticipated and we are far more confident of the way forward thanks to Core Value.


How Our Aged Care Advice Can Help You

Reduce Aged Care Fees

We will work diligently to identify potential opportunities to minimise your aged care fees.

Maximise Government Support

We will explore various avenues to help you leverage government support and benefits available for aged care.

Avoid Family Disputes

As an enduring power of attorney, protect yourself from serious legal errors. Even small mistakes can have significant consequences.

Protect The Family Home

Explore strategies to keep your family home while effectively covering aged care costs.

Determine How To Pay Aged Care Fees

One of our primary goals is to develop strategies that guarantee a steady cash flow to cover your aged care home fees.

Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Aged care finances are complex. One small mistake can cost thousands annually.


Our Aged Care Financial Advice Process

Book a Free Consultation

During this initial, obligation-free meeting, our priority is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your situation. We will provide general guidance about aged care and assess the level of advice and support you may require.

Receive Personalised Financial Advice

We develop a customised plan to optimise the structure of your assets, investments, and income to best fund aged care. Our goal is to minimise aged care fees, maximise centrelink benefits and protect the family home.

Review Aged Care Contracts

We thoroughly review all contracts to ensure there are no errors from the aged care home or Centrelink. By handling all communications with the aged care home, we allow you to concentrate on caring for your loved one.

Transition Your Loved One with Confidence

You can move your loved one into aged care with confidence, knowing they are receiving the best possible care and their finances are protected. Importantly, you have fulfilled your duties as an EPA.

Save an Average of $7,000 Annually

Making informed financial decisions before transitioning into aged care can typically result in residents being $5,000 to $10,000 better off each year during their stay.

Understand Your Aged Care Options

Making decisions about aged care begins with a clear understanding of how your current financial situation will impact your future and your family’s.

Our experienced advisers will thoroughly assess your finances and clearly outline all available aged care options. With our expertise, we can structure your finances in a way that maximises the value of your hard-earned assets.

A Stress-Free Transition Into Aged Care

The transition into aged care can be an emotional time for all involved. Attempting to navigate your way through the costs and rules of assisting someone into care at the same time can be overwhelming.

Our goal is to take the burden of transitioning into aged care off your shoulders. We remove all the stress and concerns you may have when you placing a loved one in a care facility.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Aged Care Financial Advice?

Aged care financial advice is specialised financial guidance tailored to help individuals and their families navigate the financial complexities of aged care. This advice can cover various aspects, including options for your family home, aged care fees, accommodation payments, and cash flow and investment strategies, all aimed at optimally funding aged care and keeping aged care costs to a minimum.

Why Do I Need Financial Advice for Aged Care?

Navigating the aged care system in Australia can be complex and costly. Financial advice can help you understand the fees involved, optimise your income and assets, and make informed decisions, so that you can focus on what’s most important; spending time with your loved one.

What Are the Costs Associated With Aged Care?

Costs can include a basic daily fee, a means-tested care fee, accommodation payments (which can be a lump sum or daily payments), and fees for extra or optional services. Our advisers can explain these in detail and help you understand what applies to your situation.

Do I Need To Sell the Home To Pay for Aged Care?

There are several strategies to fund aged care without selling your home. Our aged care advisers can discuss these options based on your specific circumstances.

Can I Rent The Family Home To Pay for Care?

You can rent the family home to pay for care. However, the decisions you make as to whether the home is retained or sold will not only affect aged care fees, but will also impact Centrelink Age Pension payments. This is something that should be discussed with an adviser before making a decision.

Who Pays for Aged Care if You Run Out of Money?

Most nursing homes these days will require a family member or Power of Attorney to sign-off as a guarantor on the initial contract, meaning they will be liable to cover aged care costs in the event that you run out of money or are unable to cover the fees yourself.

What Government Support Is Available for Aged Care?

The Australian Government provides subsidies for aged care homes. These subsidies are determined by an assessment of your care needs and your financial situation. Our advisers can help you understand what you’re entitled to and optimise your situation to be eligible for more support.

Do You Offer a Free Initial Consultation?

Yes we do! Click the button below or call 1300 944 011 to arrange a free consultation with one of our aged care financial advisers. We will take the time to understand your unique needs and goals, determining the level of advice you require, if any.

What Information Do I Need To Prepare for a Free Initial Consultation

We won’t require any detailed information, just general details. Specifically, we’ll need to know if there is a family home, its value, the amount in bank accounts, and any other investments. Only approximate amounts are necessary; statements are not needed.

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 4.9/5 based on 100+ happy customers